22 Proven Ways To Make Ends Meet, Make Money Fast & Save Cash

22 proven ways to make and save money fast

Drastic times sometimes call for drastic measures. If you’re trying to make ends meet at all costs, these are the best solutions you should use to survive financially. You’ll need to make money fast and save it on a tight budget.

Best Apps To Make Money Fast

Assuming you have a mobile phone, a car, a home, and two functional arms and legs, these are currently the best apps to make money fast.

1. Make Money Fast: Drive for Uber

Consider driving for Uber or delivering food with UberEats. Most people own a car and a cellphone. Those are the assets you need to generate quick cash driving for these services. Uber uses Flex Pay which allows you to cash out your earnings daily directly in your bank account! You might have heard differently but Uber drivers are still making plenty of cash in 2020. Estimated income: $100 to $250+ per day. These numbers are real, I have tested driving for Uber personally. Click here to start driving for Uber and get the money you need fast.

2. Make Money Fast: Put your best skills at work on Fiverr Pro

Fiverr was initially launched to provide freelance gigs costing customers $5, hence its name. The platform has grown a lot since and the five-dollar rule doesn’t apply so much anymore. Fiverr now provides a platform for freelancers to offer premium services to customers worldwide. You could do writing work, translation, web design, etc. Think of the one thing you’re best at and market that skill on Fiverr Pro. Their premium service will allow you to make decent money for your quality work. Pro services are labeled with a special badge and you can see they cost much more, therefore earning you more money. Estimated income: $50 to $175+ per day. Click here to monetize your best skills on Fiverr today.

3. Make Money Fast: Become a pet sitter or dog walker with Rover

If you love being around animals, Rover operates an online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking. Think about it, you could even shed a few pounds walking a pet while earning extra money. Estimated income: $60 to $150+ per day. Below is an answer I found on their forum about estimated earnings. Click here to make money being around your favorite pets.

4. Make Money Fast: Rent your car on Turo

If you can’t afford to spend money during difficult times, one thing you CAN afford is staying at home and letting others pay you to use your car. Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing company. The app allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. According to Turo, four million users had registered to use the service in 2017 and 170 000 privately owned cars were available for rental. Estimated income: Average of $526 per month as per Turo’s app (see screenshot). Click here to turn your car into an income-generating asset with Turo.

5. Make Money Fast: Rent your home on Airbnb

Airbnb has been positively changing the hotel and rental scene as the online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. If you need cash now, get some guests to stay in one of your rooms or your entire home if you can find a way to stay with a friend or family during your guests’ stay. Estimated income: $50 to $300+ per day, depending on the quality and size of your home. Click here to rent your home for money with Airbnb.

6. Make Money Fast: Find and get paid to do local tasks with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit lets you connect with your local online marketplace to find people who need immediate help with everyday tasks like cleaning, moving, delivery, and renovations. You might have someone in your neighborhood that’s looking to hire a person who can help put up some drywall or paint a room. The app lets you filter through the tasks you would actually enjoy doing. Click here to find nearby things to do and get paid for it with TaskRabbit.

Other great ways to make money fast

7. Make Money Fast: Sell some of your goods

Sell some of the products you have at home on online marketplaces like Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. If the situation is critical, it’s not time to keep holding onto 4 watches, 3 TVs, 12 pairs of shoes. Get rid of your products for quick cash at market value, because you need cash more than all those shoes; unless you’re a centipede!

8. Make Money Fast: Pawn your valuable luxury items

This one goes hand in hand with the previous recommendation. You’re probably hoarding a few very valuable high ticket items in your house that could bank $500 or more on an online marketplace or pawn shop. Unless you’re extremely emotionally attached to the items, you should trade them for cash asap.

9. Make Money Fast: Obtain a small microloan

You could get a small personal microloan on Prosper.com. Depending on your credit history, your financial situation, and your employment situation, you could secure a few grand through this service. There are plenty of other services like this one available, but remember that you’ll have to pay your loan back once you’re up and running again.

10. Make Money Fast: Become a human guinea pig for medical and pharma studies

If you’re comfortable trading a bit of risk for cash, medical and pharma companies are paying huge sums of money to people who participate in their new drug studies.

Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

Saving money is as important as making money. Earning and saving need to work work hand in hand if you want to keep your cashflow balance positive. If you need to turn your lifestyle dial to “frugal”, these are the best ways to save money on a tight budget.

Best Apps To Save Money On A Tight Budget

11. Save Money: Identify your worse spending habits and fix them with Mint.com

Saving = not spending! Mint is a free personal financial management service that I use religiously and recommend to everyone. It centralizes all of your day-to-day transactions, that are coming from multiple accounts, into one single sleek visual hub. Identifying your problem areas is the first step to taking the appropriate measures to fix them. You can’t fix something you don’t know about. I really can’t say enough good things about Mint.com, please get on board today. I consider it the best free money management app. Sort your monthly transaction amounts from high to low and hopefully, you’ll have a few unpleasant surprises that will trigger a “holy shit” moment. This is how you’ll be able to identify your problem areas and affect positive change with your spending/saving habits.

12. Save Money: Save on groceries with Reebee

Retail grocery stores are in a constant and fierce competition to grab the customer’s attention. They throw a pile of rebates and coupons at us every week, and it’s tough to stay on top of which discounts are actually worth it and how they compare with other stores. Reebee provides consumers with an easy digital way to browse flyers, search products, build shopping lists which ultimately helps us save money. If you type “frozen shrimp” in the app right now, you would immediately see which stores nearest you are offering this item and at which price. There’s never been an easier way to pick out the lowest cost items you need for your groceries.

13. Save Money: Put saving money on autopilot with Roundup

Imagine if every time you spent money, a small amount automatically gets set aside to go into your savings. The Roundup feature from the WealthSimple app automatically invests your spare change when you make a purchase. Here’s how it works: open a WealthSimple invest account, turn on Roundup. When you buy something with your debit or credit card, the purchase amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and that extra spare change is invested in your WealthSimple account. This represents hundreds if not thousands of dollars automatically saved and invested every year with no effort. Wealthsimple has more than one way to help you make money while you sleep!

save money

Other great ways to save money on a tight budget

14. Save Money: Ditch your multiple subscription services

Ditch some of your cable, music, and video streaming subscription services. Do you really need more than your internet connection and one streaming service in this day and age? In my opinion, you could get the best of all worlds with an Amazon Prime subscription: Free 2-day shipping on products, Prime Video streaming, Prime Music streaming, unlimited cloud photo storage, and a shitload of other perks, check out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits. It packs a ton of value for just $120 USD/year.

15. Save Money: Dump your royal eating habits

Dump your filet mignon and Nagano chops for ground beef and ground pork at the grocery store. Heck, you could even use Reebee to see where they’re the cheapest right now. The price per pound of ground meat is more reasonable if you’re squeezing pennies to get by. Obviously the restaurant is a no-no, that’s a given!

16. Save Money: Use your credit cards only for cash back rewards

I have 5 credit cards…yup. I’ve never carried a balance over to the next month though. They’re paid off entirely every month. This means credit card companies have made a whopping $0 in interest with me since the beginning of time! Credit cards aren’t bad, humans simply make bad financial decisions. Think about it, some credit cards are free, they provide a quick payment method and offer interesting rewards. I go with cashback rewards only because you never know how much reward points are really worth. If you read the fine print, they change the structure and value of rewards all the time. With cashback rewards, I know that $1 is equal to $1 and that this won’t be subject to change in a year from now. Please pay off your cards monthly so you’re not giving hard-earned money away in interest to banks. Use the cards to get cashback only.

17. Save Money: Regular unleaded will still get you from point A to B

Do you really need premium fuel in your vehicle? Your manufacturer might tell you so, but you should really do your research to see if your car can work efficiently on lower grades of gas without damaging the engine. Lower grades of gas cost less and will help you save money. Electric cars are ideal, but the upfront cost to own them is more expensive than a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

18. Save Money: Cut your phone line

Does your house still need a physical phone line in 2020? Dump your phone company and use your cellphone only instead. If you still need people calling your house, then use a voice over IP solution that uses your internet connection instead. People will still have a home phone number to call you at.

19. Save Money: Lower your thermostat

Heating is your most costly home energy expense. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates you’ll be saving between 5 to 15% on your electricity bill if you lower your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit during an 8-hour period.

20. Save Money: Analyze your grocery receipts

First of all, we should always go to the store prepared to buy the things we want need. This means, don’t leave the house without a grocery list! Once your shopping is complete, your homework begins. Read every line on your receipt and see if anything jumps out at you like a sore thumb. I’ve personally changed my buying habits by analyzing receipts and figuring out which expensive items didn’t bring me much value. Now I pretty much could itemize every cut of meat by heart from most expensive to least expensive per pound. This habit saves me hundreds of dollars every year.

21. Save Money: Alcohol, a necessary evil?

That decision is up to you. Filling a wine cabinet or cellar costs a minimum of a few hundred dollars and can be in the thousands. That cash flow is locked behind chilled doors. Slack on the booze if you’re trying to save money on a tight budget. Please include cigarettes and recreational drugs in that equation.

22. Save Money: The 48-hour rule

When you want to buy something, the 48-hour rule is your best ally to help you save money on unnecessary expenses. Many purchases we make are impulsive; online marketplaces are wreaking the benefits of this human imperfection. Amazon is the master of this, they’ve turned the convenience of buying online into aggressive impulse shopping with “Buy Now” & “1-Click Purchase” buttons, limited-time deals, flash sales, Prime day, buy or you’ll die day, etc. Jot down what you “think” you may need on a piece of paper and see if you come up with the same conclusion 2 days later. Often times our impulsivity has given way to reason and it may no longer be a product you absolutely need now or even at all. Chi-ching, money saved!

I really hope you could grab at least one nugget from this article that you’ll try for yourself starting now. Please let me know in the comments section below which one you’re implementing to improve your financial habits.


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some coffee money ☕ which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this. This does not incur any additional cost to you.

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