How To Make Money While You Sleep In 2020, The Easy Way

how to make money while you sleep easiest way

All humans dispose of 24 hours in a day, that’s a fact! Most choose to work for 8 hours, do whatever they want for another 8, and hopefully sleep for the last 8 hours. When you’re busy trading your time for money working, enjoying life, or sleeping, wouldn’t it be nice if you could, by some magical force, put your money at work so it could increase on its own without any effort? Make money while you sleep is a metaphor meaning that without any intervention from your part, you can aspire to see your money tree grow over time.

If you want to make money while you sleep, you’ll need to find an investment vessel of some sort that enables you to invest some of your savings. Those savings, if put in the right place, will yield returns without you having to manage anything. The “not having to manage anything” part is the one we’re focusing on today because there are more than 1000 ways to generate money, but in this article I want you to understand how to grow money organically in the easiest way possible.

How to make money while you sleep

If you’re not personally managing your money and investments on your own, you need to outsource this service. You can either turn to your bank to manage your money or in 2020 you can choose to go with a robo advisor.

What is a robo advisor?

Robo advisors (also spelled robo-adviser or roboadvisor) are digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human supervision. A typical robo advisor collects information from clients about their financial situation and future goals through an online survey and then uses the data to offer advice and automatically invest client assets (Investopedia).

Robo advisor pros and cons

A Robo advisor costs a lot less than an actual traditional advisor and performs the same or better. Not having to physically go to the bank to open your account and build your investor profile is also a huge benefit. The only perceived downside of going with a robo advisor is that you’ll have fewer financial options to choose from when investing. I personally see this negative aspect as an actual benefit because it eliminates a multitude of complicated options and clutter that could get you stuck in analysis paralysis. Remember, the goal is to find the easiest way to grow your money organically; not having to analyze 100 possibilities.

Now that we understand the value of saving time and overhead costs with a robo advisor vs a traditional bank, which investment platform should you go with?

Easiest way of increasing your wealth using a robo advisor: WealthSimple

Wealth Simple is one of the world’s leading robo advisors. The company’s mission was to “bring smarter financial services to everybody, regardless of age or net worth.” With headquarters in Toronto, Wealth Simple is well-equipped to manage your money. They have a team of top financial experts and the best tech talent. Their software engineers, designers, and data scientists have previously worked at esteemed companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. Today, Wealth Simple has 235 employees and more than $5 billion in assets under management for 175,000 global clients. In a nutshell: they know what they’re doing with your hard-earned money.

I wanted to personally test Wealth Simple for you guys so I loaded $1 000 in the platform on March 31, 2020.

Here’s what the process looked like.

How to open a WealthSimple investing account

You can choose from 3 WealthSimple plans: Basic, Black, Generation

I went with basic, you always have the possibility to upgrade further down the line.

make money while you sleep wealthsimple sign up

The next steps are to help get you set up the correct way

Creating your personalized portfolio. This step requires you to answer a few questions to make sure your money is invested in the right product and aligns with your main financial goal.

make money while you sleep personalized portfolio

Based on my goals for this money, the robo advisor suggested I move forward with a balanced portfolio, which I’m also fine with. Here is the breakdown of how your money is invested at WealthSimple in their balanced portfolio. You can adjust your risk level yourself to rebalance your portfolio’s distributions between equity and fixed income.

Funding your account. I had to search for a bit to find where to go to fund my account. It was a bit tricky. Below is how you need to add your bank account first before you can transfer your funds.

make money while you sleep wealthsimple funding your account adding bank account

The account is now successfully added.

Once your account is added, you’ll be able to transfer funds over to WealthSimple. I transferred $1 000 for you guys on March 31, 2020 to show you how that money would grow organically over time in a balanced portfolio.

Once the money is in transit, all you can do is wait. It normally takes 2 business days for the money to come in.

make money while you sleep

When the money has entered your account, this is what you will see:

make money while you sleep

At this point, you can sit back, relax, and watch your money grow over time with WealthSimple. It’s that easy!

If you’d like to see how this passive investment is paying off, check out my progress reports. This is literally the easiest way to make money while you sleep in 2020 and beyond.

WealthSimple review, why it’s the perfect solution for you to make money while you sleep

  • Easy online set-up in 5 minutes
  • No set-up cost
  • Sleek web interface
  • Sleek mobile application
  • No information overload, keeping it simple
  • Easy to track investment yield
  • Easy to rebalance the portfolio
  • An amazing team of financial experts behind the service
  • Projected returns snapshots

WealthSimple is the perfect solution for a beginner investor or someone who just wants to yield good returns on autopilot. We can’t think of a simpler and nicer investment platform than this one. If you’re still not investing some money in 2020, you’re missing out on the easiest money you’ll ever make. With WealthSimple, there’s really no excuse not to get started.

Please let me know in the comments sections below if you have questions or if you’d like to share your own experience with WealthSimple.


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