How You Can Get Free Money From Uber During The COVID-19 Pandemic

It does not come as a surprise that Uber drivers are heavily impacted during these difficult times of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Uber is doing its best to deploy efforts to prevent drivers from potentially contaminating passengers and vice versa. Staying away from each other is currently best practice to minimize the risk of transmission and acquisition. Unfortunately, this prevents drivers from performing their duties and comes as great financial distress.

Financial assistance policy

Uber support mentions they will provide you with financial assistance for up to 14 days if you actively drive or deliver with Uber + if you get diagnosed with COVID-19 or are personally placed in quarantine by a public health authority due to their risk of spreading the Coronavirus. You can find the policy details on Uber’s COVID-19 support page.

Here are the details about how much you can expect to get if you qualify after your application:

The type of documentation you will need to provide to receive their COVID-19 financial assistance is as follows (one or the other):

  • Documentation from a licensed medical provider/public health authority with a diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • An order by a licensed medical provider or public health authority requiring you to self-isolate due to your risk of spreading COVID-19. The documentation must specifically reference your risk of spreading COVID-19 as the reason for self-isolation. 

After Uber support confirms your eligibility, you should receive the financial assistance within 5 to 7 business days. You have 30 days to apply to the program from the date of when your individual quarantine started.

My application

I recently went on vacation in Mexico and that’s when the Coronavirus situation intensified in North America. When I came back, the situation was bad and I had received the in-app notification in my Uber Driver app about how to handle the crisis. Since I had been abroad and traveled through airports, I was recommended to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. This voluntary recommendation became mandatory in Canada if you traveled abroad. I got a doctor’s note stating that I was at potential high-risk of contracting COVID-19 after traveling abroad through international airports.

Money received

Based on my driver’s earnings history and Uber’s calculations, I received $749. I was expecting more based on my average hourly Ubers earnings but they calculate your average daily earnings over 7 days, not just on days you decided to work. For example, if you earn $100 each day Monday to Friday on average, that would equate to $500 / 7 days = $71.43. They also look at 6 months history so if you took a 2-week vacation and if you had very light days, that will bring your daily earnings average down a lot.

Overall I’m very happy with the situation and the way Uber is treating the outbreak situation for its drivers. There was a lot of negative talk about possibly not getting the money or making it very complicated. I’m reading on many forums that drivers are indeed getting their money through this program.

Many of my friends have been laid off and don’t have the luxury of financial assistance during the crisis. I’m thankful that Uber delivered on its promises and that they have stepped up to the plate to protect drivers, passengers, and offer financial assistance.

Please let us know in the comments section below if you have applied and received financial assistance from Uber during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, this helps to show you how solid a partner Uber is, even in tough times.


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