Hi, I’m Jay!

Welcome to my personal finance and side hustle blog. I started this blog to share with you the many ways of having more money. My ultimate goal is to help you get closer to financial freedom. I document a lot of income-generating ideas and test them personally to show you real results. These may help you decide to pursue new income sources for you & your family to improve your quality of life.

Formerly a professional hockey player, I entered the corporate world as a sales rep in 2009. I worked in sales for 9 years, including medical devices, making over 1 million dollars during that time. This helped build my foundation and passion for finance and money management. I became genuinely interested and obsessed with the many different ways of growing net worth. A few of my financial experiments have paid off significantly to become the pillars of my online business today. As a young adult, my net worth is now over $1M dollars. My friends make fun of me because I’m constantly analyzing online metrics and ROIs. They’ve coined me: the Web Wizard! Most of my revenue comes from online sales, affiliate sales, and advertising; hence the name Web Wizard Media.

I really enjoy reading other financial articles; especially the comments and discussions section. Please feel free to write anywhere on this blog.

10 random facts about me:

  1. I was drafted in the NHL by the New Jersey Devils.
  2. I drive a Tesla Model 3 (named BlackBird II) after owning a Model X since 2016.
  3. The Cybertruck is preposterous, but I’m still thinking about buying one!
  4. My primary language is French.
  5. Food I hate most: papaya.
  6. After experimenting with a dozen diets ways to eat, the most effective one for my body type is low-carb and sometimes keto when I can keep red wine away.
  7. I drive Uber only because I’m genuinely interested in chatting and learning from other people.
  8. Jogging is for punishment only.
  9. If life was easy, it would be boring…
  10. There’s no such thing as failing, it’s called experimental learning.

Follow my progress reports to see how my financial experiments are paying off.